Venous Ulcer Care

Caring for a patient with a venous ulcer requires a thorough evaluation in order to identify the cause, or causes, of the ulcer. Many patients with venous ulcer suffer from a combination of both venous reflux disease and venous obstructive disease. By identifying the underlying causes of the patient’s wound, a stepwise approach can be formulated to best treat the ulcer and prevent a new one from forming.

The Vascular Surgeons at Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group carefully assess venous ulcer patients to identify the underlying causes that require treatment. Our doctors work closely with each patient’s wound care team to speed recovery and prevent recurrence.

Many patients with venous ulceration are often found to have venous reflux which can be treated with endovenous laser therapy – a quick, in-office procedure that can eliminate or reduce venous reflux and rapidly allow a wound to heal.

Patients with venous obstructive disease are often candidates for venous stenting or venous thrombectomy. These procedures can restore normal flow in a vein that previously was impeded, reducing the pressure that causes venous ulcers to form.

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