Treatments for Arterial Disease

The Vascular Surgeons of Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group perform a wide variety of treatments to restore blood flow in the legs.

Medical Management

Most patients with PAD or arterial disease are candidates for a trial of behavioral modification. By stopping bad habits and adding a few new healthy steps to their everyday routines can be very beneficial to improving the patients blood circulation.

Percutaneous Interventions

Many patients who require an improvement in arterial flow can be treated through a catheter. These minimally invasive procedures allow patients to get back to walking after an outpatient procedure with a minimal recovery time.

Reconstructive Surgery

For patients with arterial disease requiring traditional surgery, the Vascular Surgeons at Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group are prepared to provide advanced surgical care and hybrid endovascular technologies to speed up recovery.

Depending upon the severity and complexity of arterial disease including any other health factors the patient is facing is all taken into account and will help us determine what treatment will work the best for the patient.

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