Oncologic (Cancer) Surgery

Oncologic surgery is designed to diagnose and treat cancer. In our office, we focus on the surgical treatment of cancers arising from the abdominal cavity. Those cancers originating from the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, as well as the soft tissues in the abdominal cavity are surgically treated.

Optimal Cancer treatment often requires coordination with other medical specialists such as medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, and pathologists. Our physicians work closely with the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute at TidalHealth Peninsula Regional as a part of the cancer team which allows us to provide the best cancer treatment. Each cancer patient is discussed weekly at our multidisciplinary Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference where an optimal treatment plan is devised based on the latest medical evidence.

Most surgical treatment of cancer can be performed using a minimally invasive approach, either robotically or laparoscopically. We are the first to utilize minimally invasive techniques in cancer treatment on the Eastern Shore and have the largest experience with cancer treatment.

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