Vascular Care Team at Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group

Drs. Wilhite, Kerrigan, Said, and Bounds together provide over 30 years of experience caring for patients with vascular disease. Our doctors utilize a whole patient approach when caring for vascular disease, working to improve the overall health of their patients.

When intervention is necessary to overcome or prevent the effects of vascular disease, our doctors use the newest techniques, with a goal of providing the least invasive and most durable treatments available to our patients on the Eastern Shore.


Douglas B. Wilhite, MD, RVT, FACS
Chief of Vascular Surgery, THPR
Medical Director, THPR Vascular Lab
Past Chief, Dept. of Surgery, THPR
Academic Background


David Kerrigan, MD, FACS
Vice-President Medical Staff, THPR
Past President of Medical Staff, THPR
Vascular and Laparoscopic Surgery
Academic Background

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