PRMC Weight Loss and Wellness Center

Peninsula Regional Weight Loss & Wellness Center is located in a relaxing, non-clinical setting surrounded with organic gardens  and staffed with understanding and supportive team members.

The Weight Loss & Wellness Center uses small support groups and individual goals to help the weight loss client focus, keep on track and remain accountable. A multidisciplinary team including physicians, nurse practitioner, registered nurses, registered dietitian, medical assistants, social workers, and exercise specialists guide clients with their medically monitored weight loss programs.

Programs all incorporate nutrition, support groups, physical activity, and mindful situational techniques all while being medically monitored.  One to one visits with our Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitian, personalized physical activity program, and a 12-month (on-site) gym membership are included with all programs.

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Peninsula Regional Weight Loss and Wellness Center

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